Description is a public portal for customers to be able to check the release status of their goods being cleared by A & A Contract Customs Brokers Ltd. Links into the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Pre-arrival Processing System (PAPS) designed to provide CBP with advance information on goods entering the U.S.
Public web site with time saving tools for transportation companies.


Enabling customers with goods being cleared through customs by A & A Contract Customs Brokers Ltd to check the release status of their goods.
To build relationships with users by providing a more user-friendly interface.
Create advertisements on the website that promotes A & A’s services (Vehicle importing, order labels, and ACE/ACI). These ads would revolve so that they change every so often.
By creating a useful service to the public, increase website traffic therefore allowing A&A to better promote their services, and generate revenue.
Create a database that captures which carrier code is being queried the most on our website (which carrier is using this site the most and how many checks they are performing on a daily/weekly/monthly basis)


Enhance the overall appearance of the website without making drastic changes –
1) make it more appealing
2) rearrange icons/links (services) that A&A would like to emphasis to places that is more visible to the user
3) create a bit of a call to action.
Purpose is to keep it very clean, very simple and very self-explanatory.


Includes: secure electronic communications with Canada Customs and US Customs for approval status tracing, ability to order secure bar code labels for expediting the clearance of goods into Canada or the US.
Online registration form to complement the PDF file that is currently in place. When customer finishes filling the information, they simply press print and it will capture all the data that was input. Either a fillable PDF form or a “copy to clipboard” text that they can put on their letterhead and sign and return.
Broker information database created storing the contact information for all the brokerage companies (North & South bound), so helpful for those trying to track down a brokerage company. Accessible by anyone and the user can sort by numerous fields. Also, the public can suggest additions and changes to the brokerage list, thus helping keep the list up -to-date with less labour, in a way that is helpful to the public. Includes secure admin system to verify updates before public posting..


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