Quite the Week for Apple

Oct 5 2011

It has been quite the week for Apple!

Yesterday, a lot of the buzz was about Apple releasing a newly anticipated iPhone.

Then sadly, Steve Jobs passing away today.

Steve Jobs, Apple


Steve and the team at Apple have contributed impensely to both design and esthetics in computer hardware and software.  They have also pushing this from being "hardware and software" to useful items that people love, and become a part of their everyday lives.  From the iPod - I fit all my music in my pocket, and take it with me anywhere, and everywhere, to the iPhone and iPad.  Apple has developed a cult like following of loyal fans.


Funny, a lot of the discussion yesterday was from people disappointed the new iPhone was called 4S, when everyone was expecting "5".

Many people wondering if they should hold off buying a new iPhone, since there has been substantial talk about the iPhone 5, maybe it will be hear soon.

Since people didn't know what features would be in 5, did it matter what they called it? 

There are many brilliant marketing people at Apple. So, I am sure they had numerous intense discussions on the strategy behind this.  What would you have called it?


Technology is only a tool.  For many people, such as Steve Jobs and the team at Apple, the goal is to improve things, inspire and creatively push the boundary.

For the team at Synergy, for the past 22 years, our goal is to help our clients with software and web solutions to help make it easier to run your business.  New ideas.  A fresh set of eyes on solutions to the old software that frustrates your staff.  A fresh set of eyes on your website - the old, ugly one that makes your company look small and almost out of business.

We also love it when we can help our clients take that extra step to inpire and creatively improve how customers can interact with their business to achieve their goals.


Steve's time was cut short. But during his life, he strove for improvement and innovation.


What inspiration do you have to improve your business?   We would love to talk with you.


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