Supporting Entrepreneurship - and Great PR Presentation

Jul 6 2011

At Synergy, we work with entrepreneurs, business owners and senior managers who are focused on growing their businesses.

As a serial entrepreneur myself, I connect immediately with the ideas that inspire our clients to grow their businesses. We love being part of their team focused on always improving the technology to help grow their business and taking it to the next level.

So, when we come across something worthwhile sharing, it is great to be able to pass it on.

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You coming? Say hello to Juan Carlos!

There is a series of conferences called TED - Ideas worth spreading. They have an incredible mix of speakers, all focused on sharing ideas, provoking thought and discussion. They have an incredible site, where they have put up videos of these presentations.

One that was shared with me was Cameron Herold: Let's raise kids to be entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is usually not taught much at an early age. It touches on whether entrepreneurship is nature or nurture. How to recognize, nurture and teach entrepreurial attributes at an early stage.

More about Cameron Herold from his TED Talk: Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs​rs

What are your thoughts? It is interesting to see the varying perspectives. And Are you an entrepreneur or not?

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